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La monatan restaurant

Farah Khan | 2018-02-16 | Category:Food

With an illuminated panoramic view of the dazzling city Islamabad, from the top of the Margalla Hills, is a sight for sore eyes at night and day. Whether it is a cup of tea, breakfast, lunch or any other meal of the day, La Montana Restaurant not only welcomes it’s customers with appetizing food, but it’s ambiance and location is as warm and pleasant as the lush green hills of Margalla. The restaurant located at a distance of 10km away from the heart of the city, despite having luxurious location, with the beautiful natural view, has kept it’s rates competitive, to cater to every customer. It offers a wide range of cuisines, from Pakistani, Indian, Chinese to continental. The restaurant has a contemporary atmosphere, with 2 intricate banquet halls and open terraces with the latest art technology, lights and other audio/visual facilities. La Montana is a great place for various family gatherings or functions and even conferences, meetings or any product launch. The restaurant has evolved much since 2004, and still continues to serve it’s visitors as a second home.

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John Doe

muhammad tauseef On:2017-12-02

this is a nice post

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