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One of the largest privately owned educational institutions in the country Beaconhouse School System has multiple educational facilities in the twin cities Islamabad/Rawalpindi .The system has all levels of classes from pre-school to A-levels and offers parallel systems of examination like IB and Cambridge.


The City School is one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan with branches in all the major cities across the country .The school system has many branches all over the twin cities Islamabad & Rawalpindi offering multiple levels of education from pre-school to A-level setting high standards of education

Roots School System
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Roots School System is the Pakistani chain of leading private schools established in April 1988 at 74 Harley Street, Rawalpindi. Roots School System has more than 85 campuses nationwide with over 25,000 students. The schools are divided into four groups: Roots Garden Schools led by Riffat Mushtaq, Roots Millennium Schools led by Chaudhry Faisal


National University of Sciences and Technology, is a public research university with main campus in Islamabad, Pakistan and other subsidiary campuses in different cities of Pakistan. Established in March 1991 primarily for the promotion of STEM subjects, it has since then expanded through establishing a more comprehensive curriculum consisting of e